Free n Losh

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Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Lee Freedman and Myles Schwartz started their journey as hip-hop producers. As they developed their affinity for beat making, their constant yearning for musical exploration brought them to the electronic realm where they've developed an endless repertoire of production abilities, but always stayed true to their roots in hip-hop. With the releases of "Deadhead O.G." and "The Best is Yet to Come," this newly formed duo dropped their signature sound on the masses, quickly gaining the adoration from highly acclaimed major publications around the world. Following the motto of their home city, Diversity Our Strength, Free n Losh's diverse sounds were written up from sites like Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut, Gotta Dance Dirty, Pigeons and Planes, The Music Ninja, THUMP and Thissongslaps to name a few. The duo has been embraced with open arms by the Hype Machine community, having two original tracks reach the Top Ten Most Popular, before the third, "Things You Dont Understand," got to the coveted number one spot. While this was flattering in itself, the momentum they gained from "The Best is Yet to Come" created some more notable buzz; getting them ranked among the top 25 producers in Canada by Complex Media's electronic publication, Do Androids Dance. Their newest offering, "A World Within," is a testament to the two's ever-evolving sonic style as they delve deeper and explore their roots in jazz, classic psychedelic rock, hip-hop, r&b and soul, while encouraging their listeners to discover more philosophical elements such as imagination and their inner being. "A World Within" has been highly praised for its originality and symbolism and has been played on radio shows and podcasts across North America and Europe. Recently Free n Losh got the attention of Pretty Lights Music and were commissioned to do an Official Remix for Pretty Lights' Grammy nominated - "Press Pause", which was premiered on and featured on his "Colour Map of the Sun" Remix Album in December 2013. Aside from Free n Losh, the electronic artists, the duo continues to build an extensive hip-hop catalogue. Having production credits on Mac Miller's "Got You" as well as working in collaboration with some of Toronto's brightest up and coming rappers. Free n Losh carry themselves with a precocious professionalism and commitment to their craft normally expected from seasoned veterans and it is clear that these young visionaries are well on their way to lead a movement alongside a new era of producers, who arent afraid to explore the true potential of sound.
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